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"Siedlisko" - B. K. Rutkowscy
Address: Agrotouristic farm, Maisonette, House Summer
Bożenia i Krzysztof Rutkowscy
27 - 330 Pawłowice
Sadkowice, gm. Solec nad Wisłą
Sadkowice 121
Telephone: +48 607 276 154
Province: mazowieckie
Resort town: rural
Availability period: All year round
Number of guests: 13
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Price range: min 9 EUR, max 50 EUR
when you rent the house for the whole month - 348,8 EUR plus cost of used electric energy
there is a possibility of providing with diary products, vegetable, in the neighbourhood
bread is delivered everyday from the near baker’s
barbecue bonfire a car park meals a public kitchen caffee bar a tent pity a fridge inside rooms a private toilet a private shower playground  the fishing equipment available hunting  washing clothes and ironing possibility bicycles available badmington volleyball pit football facilities for disabled

A wooden house with a surface of 65m/kw, built in a traditional style, very comfortable.
At the disposal for guests:

  • two rooms,
  • well – equipped kitchen,
  • a bathroom with a shower,
  • a landscape terrace,
  • a big playground, fenced,
  • there is a possibility of pitching a tent.

Why is it worth caming to us:
a beautiful surrounding, seaside areas,
a natural park
many stork’s nests,
rare species of birds – for example kraska, heady willows (more rare not only in the Valley of the Middle Vistula.

Attractions nearby:

Silicas 15 km – An Archeological Park; neolitic cillica mine, one of the biggest in Europe/more than700 mining pits with a big amount of pavements,
a mining equipment,
there is a possibility of cruises by ferry, that sails everyday going in the direction of Kazimierz Dolny.

Useful information:
bicycle rent - on the spot
horse riding - 15 km
swimming facilities - 4 km Wisła
bus station - 50m
grocer's - 250m
Geographical region - Mazowsze
Neighbouring cities or localities - Lipsko/Wisłą, Kazimierz Dolny 30 km


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