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Agro tourism farm - B. Wieczerzak
Address: Agrotouristic lodging, Guest-rooms
Barbara Wieczerzak
26 - 900 Kozienice
ul. Gruszczńskiej 24 A
Telephone: (048) 614 68 08
tel.kom: 0697 609 679
Province: mazowieckie
Resort town: lakes and rivers
Website: http://www.kozienice.agrowakacje.pl
Availabaility period: All year round
Number of guests: 15
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Prince range: min 20 EUR, max 30 EUR
Price per night with full board (breakfast, lunch, supper)- 50 zł/ person.
Children below 6 years old, 50% discount
barbecue bonfire a car park meals a public kitchen a public toilet a private shower bath planning a time schedule for families TV availability

Kozienice lies on the edge of Kozienickiej Forest. This forest is very important nature attraction. Wandering thought forests and meadows you can see here many rare, protected animals like black storks, beavers, lesser spotted eagles, European pond turtles.

My house is close to the Kozienickie Lake.
For our guests there are five 3 persons rooms, with kitchenette, fridge and TV.

Why is it worth caming to us:
nearby Kozienicka Forest with trees like beeches, oaks, spruces, and 240 birds’ spices,
many mushrooms and berries,
close there are Kozienicka Stables and the Sport and Recreation Centre with swimming pool.

Attractions nearby:

Palace with nice park,
Regional Museum,
Monument dedicated to gorillas from II Second World War,
Remains of burial ground of Dehn family,
Blacksmith workshops from the end of XVIII centaury,
Kozienicka Forest with many nature reserves ("Królewskie Żródła", "Brzeźniczka")
Modern sport complex: swimming pool, sport hall, stadium, stables,
Kozienickie Lake with open air concert hall.

Usefull information:
sailing equipment rent - 500m
swimming facilities - 500m
forest - 500m
the nearest restaurant - 500m
train station - Kozienice
grocer's - 500m
Geographical region - Puszcza Kozienicka
Attractives lakes - Kozienickie


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