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Agritourism "POD BOCIANAMI"
Address: Agrotouristic farm, Maisonette, House Summer
Dworek Pod Bocianim Gniazdem
84 - 100 Puck
Brudzewo, gm. Puck
Brudzewo 26
Telephone: 000000000
Province: pomorskie
Resort town: seaside
Availability period: All year round
Number of guests: 35
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Price range: min 8 EUR, max 13 EUR
możliwość zabrania zwierząt barbecue bonfire a car park a public kitchen a tent pity a public fridge a private toilet a private shower TV availability hunting table tennis facilities for disabled

In Brudzewo, a small and quiet Kashubian village on the edge of the Darżlubski Forest is a perfect place for people looking for quiet and peace, contact with nature and seclusion.

At a very carefully tended farm you will find spots to rest in open air from which you can admire pastures and forests.

The immediate vicinity of the sea and beaches encourages you to spend the time in a healthy and active manner.
The broad beaches around Władysławowo are full of hot sand while the nearby village of Rzucewo is a cradle of the extreme sports of windsurfing and kiting. You can wander the beautiful area on foot and on bike.

Evenings can be spent in open air by grill where delicious dishes can be cooked by torch light. The guests have access to a perfect place for entertainment and gatherings by a bonfire. At the site there is a playground for children: sand pit, swings and lots of room to play ball.
We offer you two apartments with full sanitary and kitchen facilities, the location of the apartments provides for peace and freedom of recreation and a living complex with a large shared kitchen and dining room; each room is provided with a private bathroom.

Why is it worth caming to us:
bathing beaches on the Gulf of Puck and the Baltic Sea,
a stud farm in Rzucewo.
Starzyno, a parochial church with a Last Judgment polychrome (mid-17th century).
Mechowo, a parochial church with timber- frame construction mid-18th century).
Swarzewo, a parochial church (mid-19th century), a miraculous figure of Virgin Mary with Jesus (15th century)
Palace and park complexes (19th century): in Rzucewo, Osłonina, Reków Górny, Sławutówek, Celbowo, Łebcz, Mieroszyn, Starzyński Dwór.
The village of Mechowo with its location system and the preserved timber-frame buildings.

Attractions nearby:

Mechowo Caves in Mechowo,
Cetniewo in Władysławowo – Central Sports Centre,
Darżlubski Forest – remnants of ancient forest covering Northern Kashubia,
Migratory bird reservation "Beka" marshes at the estuary of the Reda River.
Archaeological Park in Rzucewo – Seal Hunter Village from the stone age.
Bike route: Mechowo – Jastrzębia Góra (marked).
The route branches in the Darżlubski Forest behind Mechowo towards Starzyn and Starzyński Dwór and gets reconnected in Radoszew and afterwards through Parszkowo, Kaczyniec , Czarny Młyn to Jastrzębia Góra.

Useful information:
sailing equipment rent - 7 km
horse riding - Rzucewo 5 km
swimming facilities - Zatoka 7 km, Bałtyk 15 km
forest - 400m
the nearest restaurant - Celbowo 2 km
train station - Puck
grocer's - Celbowo 1 km
Geographical region - Kaszuby
Neighbouring cities or localities - Puck, Reda, Władysławowo


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