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Agro tourism farm, Horse- riding centre "CWAŁ"
Address: Agrotouristic lodging, Agrotouristic farm
88 - 181 Jaksice
Telephone: 000
Province: kujawsko-pomorskie
Resort town: health resort
Availability period: Summer season: May - October
Number of guests: 18
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Price range: min 9 EUR, max 15 EUR
1 – 2 nights - 50 zł/person
More then 2 nights: 25 - 40 zł/person, depends how big the group is and how long you stay,

full board 3 meals - 34 zł/person
breakfast - 8 zł
dinner - 18 zł
supper - 8 zł
50% discount for children below 3 years old,
możliwość zabrania zwierząt barbecue bonfire a car park a car park under secure meals a public kitchen a tent pity a public fridge a private toilet a private shower playground TV inside rooms boat renting  washing clothes and ironing possibility  washing clothes and ironing possibility bicycles available volleyball pit table tennis

Welcome to our agrotourism farm and the horse riding centre "Cwał" and please, get familiar with our offer. We provide not only accommodation, but we organize different kind of open-air events and parties. Our centre is one of the best n the area.

The farm and horse riding centre is situated in the central part of Poland, in the area of kujawsko-pomorskie province in a village called Jaksice, 8 km from Inowroclaw, close to the road towards Bydgoszcz. The property covers 7h, is fenced, includes big pond. For our guest’s there are 5 rooms: 1 double rooms, 1 triple, two 4persons rooms and one from 5 people. All rooms are with bathrooms and TV. We provide all meals.

Why is it worth caming to us:
We are situated close to nature, where in calm atmosphere, far way form city bustle, you can relax,
We can teach you how to ride a horse and we organize the horse- court rides. For advanced drivers we recommend horse-riding in the area around farm.
Very nice place for families with children,
For fishermen – we have big, 2ha pond,
Our tasty homemade food is based on organic products from our garden – it has nice smell and taste,
There is a place for barbecue and bone-fire,
We have 4 bikes and place to play volleyball, basketball and table tennis.

Attractions nearby:

Listed churches and spas in Inowroclaw – 8 km,
Churches in Romanesque style – Strzelno and Kruszwica,
Old pre-slavic settelment in Biskupin – 20 km,
Jurassic Park in Rogow – 60 km,
Torun – gothic city on the UNESCO list – 30 km,
Open air railway museum in Znin – 35 km,
Basilica in Lichen – 60 km,
Castle and knight’s festivals in Golub Dobrzyn – 70 km,

Useful information:
bicycle rent - na miejscu
sailing equipment rent - łódka na stawie gratis
horse riding - na miejscu
swimming facilities - 6 km
forest - 6 km
the nearest restaurant - 5 km
train station - Jaksice 1 km
grocer's - 200m
Geographical region - Kujawy
Neighbouring cities or localities - Inowrocław 8 km, Strzelno 20 km, Biskupin 35 km, Bydgoszcz 30 km


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Województwo kujawsko-pomorskie


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