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Address: Agrotouristic farm, Organic Farm
Mariola Bukowska
87 - 602 Chrostkowo
Kawno 12
Telephone: (054) 288 72 33
tel.kom: 0666 057 691
Province: kujawsko-pomorskie
Resort town: lakes and rivers, pagórki,jeziora,lasy
Availability period: All year round
Number of guests: 20
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Price range: min 13 EUR, max 14 EUR
Price per night with full board
Person 55 zł
Children 3 - 12 years old 40 zł
Children below 3 years old, 25 zł
One night/ 25 zł/more nights price for negotiations
Breakfast 7 zł, lunch/dinner 15 zł, supper 8 zł,
możliwość zabrania zwierząt barbecue bonfire a car park meals a public kitchen caffee bar a tent pity a public fridge a fridge inside rooms a private toilet a public toilet a private shower playground planning a time schedule for families TV availability  the fishing equipment available  washing clothes and ironing possibility bicycles available badmington volleyball pit table tennis basketball pit football ball room

The small agro-tourism farm "BUKOWISKO" is situated among lakes, fields and forest in the nice and peaceful village of Kawno.

We especially invite people who appreciate calm and quiet atmosphere, these who like picnicking up mushrooms, fishermen, families with children. We also organize companies meetings. Every guests is warmly welcome here. Here is truly family atmosphere.
For our guests:
- 2 rooms for 2 and 4 people with bathrooms,
- 3 rooms without bathrooms for 2-5 people,
- shared bathrooms with shower, 2 toilets and water basins,
- dining room,
- kitchen – home-made ford, our own products form the garden. There are: fridge, dishwasher,
and other useful tools.
- bar where you can seat drinking wine or beer,
- game room with library, TV, DVD, VIDEO, toys,
- hall – to met other guests, table tennis etc.

Why is it worth caming to us:
Nobody in BUKOWISKU will be bored neither during summer nor winter, there are lot of attractions and relax in clam and peaceful atmosphere.
We have many pets: dogs, cats, rabbits, goats, poultry. Nearby you can practice horse riding.
During hot days, swimming pools around, as well as lakes.
By the house, there is big park where you can relax in the shelter. The area is fenced.
There is volleyball field, basketball, football. There is also table tennis.
During winter you are invited to come for New Years Eve, but not only – snow-figures competitions and…

Attractions nearby:

Around Bukowisko there are plenty places of interests. The area is very hilly, numerous ponds, lakes, Rudziec river and very clean air. Worth visiting are places of interests around Chrostkowo, like church, water mill in Nietrzebia.
Zbójno and around – drumlins of Zbójno, palace and park, educational path,
Obory – church and monastery of Carmelit’s
Trutowo – church and monatery of Carmelite’s (nuns)
Skępe - sanctuary of Saint Mary of Skępe,
Golu - Dobrzyń – castle of Anna Wazówna –
Szafarnia – Museum of Fryderyk Chopin – pianist’s competitions
Sierpc - Museum of Mazowsze Village Life,
Ciechocinek – spa town with springs like „Grzyb”, fountains, festivals of Roma people, Toruń-city of Nicolas Copernicus, on the UNESCO World Heritage List,

Useful information:
horse riding - 200m
swimming facilities - 1,5 km,3 km,2 km
forest - 1km
the nearest restaurant - 16 km
train station - 16 km
bus station - 100m, 4 km
grocer's - 1km
Neighbouring cities or localities - Zbójno, Chrostkowo, Lipno, Golub-Dobrzyń, Rypin, Włocławek, Toruń
Attractives lakes - Wileńskie, Zajeziorze, Sikórz, Ruduskie


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