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Rancho - "Pod Lasem"
Address: Agrotouristic farm,
Jacek Sosnowski
76 - 010 Polanów
Rekowo, gm. Polanów
Rekowo 9
Telephone: tel. kom: +48 606 613 089
(94) 316 98 49
Province: zachodniopomorskie
Resort town: seaside, lakes and rivers
Availability period: All year round
Number of guests: 30
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Price range: min 8 EUR, max 11 EUR
the accomodation 5 EUR per night
meals 5 EUR per night, there is a possibility of preparing your own meals, kitchen annex, for small children it is free, for animals free, horse riding from 3,75 EUR – an hour (noble horses)
możliwość zabrania zwierząt barbecue bonfire a car park meals swimming pool ,outdoor a tent pity a public fridge a private toilet a public toilet a private shower a private shower sauna planning a time schedule for families  washing clothes and ironing possibility  washing clothes and ironing possibility bicycles available badmington volleyball pit table tennis surfing board renting phone available

Rekowo is situated in the beautiful surrounding, among forests and lakes, it is about 35 km from the sea. Our farm is situated in the valley, nearby forest, about 500 km from the country.

We offer the accommodation in the comfortable rooms, there is a one bathroom for two rooms, or we offer a studio with its own bathroom. We offer meals, based on domestic products (the ecological garden, milk and cheese from our own gouts, and homemade bread). Renovated, old barn is for parties, the central point is a place for bonfire, where we serve special, delicious dishes such as: roasted on the real fire: "Szwoleżer’s pizza". In case of a bad weather, you can have a good time grilling, playing table tennis, looking at the herd. There is also a playing area for children, volleyball pit, a separate garden for guests, covered grill. We speak fluently in English, and our German is satisfactory.

Why is it worth caming to us:
first of all, because of the beauty of this place, and unforgettable atmosphere of our house Moreover,
there are other attractions such as:
  • learning of horse riding, riding in the area, on the paddock, hipotherapy,
  • there are also other animals: tame goats, ducks "Jack and Agathy", cats, small cats and dogs,
  • we organize: bike-riding, and horse-riding,
  • nights beside the bonfire, common playing, home music band shows,
  • painting on location, common carving, common roasting of the bread Stunning,
  • wild areas, the place where there are berries, mushrooms, and wild animals (hunting only with a camera),
  • there is also a playing ground for children, fish ponds, and two other horse breeding.

Attractions nearby:

The palace in Krag, an antique,
thatched church in Garbno, "Kamienne Kręgi", megalithic stones,
in the distance there are attractive, seaside resorts: "Łazy", "Dabki", "Darłówko".

Useful information:
swimming facilities - 2 km
forest - 50 m
grocer's - 1 km
Neighbouring cities or localities - Polanów, Koszalin
Attractives lakes - Nicemino, Morskie Oko


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